"Fans of country music will not be disappointed with this album because the instrumentation and vocal performance brings back the classic country most of us miss hearing."”


"Repeat Offender isn’t faux country, it’s the real deal. This ain’t Shania Twain-type stuff- don’t get me wrong, I like her music too- but it really doesn’t get any more country than this as I can imagine Waylon Jennings or Johnny Cash singing these songs. Repeat Offender is authentic country from an artist that walks the walk and talks the talk."” - Breanna Traynor


"You sense being in the capable hands of a smart cookie who knows the ropes. Three corners of the roots emporium are nailed - country, rock 'n' roll, roots rock. Jim Mitchell surfs the vibrant seas of emotive roots music, pricking emotion along the way and planting a very fine album for folks to tap into."”

Three Chords and The Truth UK

"The music requires a certain amount of attitude, mood & aggression. Mitchell has it."” - John Apice

American Highways

"Jim Mitchell, the enduring figure of outlaw country, is poised to unveil his latest musical narrative, "Repeat Offender," on November 17th through Mother West and it's a profound distillation of a life lived at the edges - a mosaic of triumphs and trials, both within the industry and beyond. Rejecting the gloss of contemporary country-pop, Mitchell's new album stands as a testament to raw, unvarnished storytelling."”


"On Repeat Offender, Mitchell distills decades of hard knocks into an ultra-authentic and largely autobiographical record that defiantly shuns sanitized country-pop."”


"Repeat Offender" emerges as a masterwork of songwriting, imbued with the wisdom of an old soul."”


New album

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